New: four new Fender amplifier valve kits and three Blackstar & Orange amplifier valve kits, see our Guitar Valve Kits page for full details! 

We also now have 6L6GC matched pairs in stock. 

Why not check out our new Russian output valves, 6P3S and 6P7S , ideal for low budget valve amp builds!

We are now stocking a replacement valve kit for the Yaqin MC10-L hi-fi amplifier , with the same combination of Shuguang EL34s and Russian preamp and driver stages as originally supplied.

We also have 11 new valve upgrade kits designed to fit most classic and modern Marshall and other 50W and 100W heads and combos based on the mighty EL34, 12AX7 and 12AT7 valves.

The kits offer a saving of over 10% over the cost of buying the individual items from us... and our individual valve prices are already amongst the lowest in the UK! See our new Guitar Valves Kits page for full details and models catered for.

Valves & Valve kits

Our valves are chosen for the preamplifier, driver and output stages of guitar and hi-fi amplifiers. Below are our EL34 singles, matched pairs and quads, 12AX7 dual triodes, the Russian military quality NOS 6N1P dual triode, 6P3S and 6P7S pentodes,  6L6 matched pair, Yaquin hi fi amp valve kit and lastly, a selection of our range of Guitar amp revalve kits for Marshall, Fender and Blackstar amps. Click on any of the pictures below to go to the product page for full details.

Selected Marshall guitar amplifier valve kits

Fender guitar amplifier valve kits