EL34 Valve kit for JVM205/15 Marshall guitar amplifiers

This valve kit consists of two x EL34-B uprated power valves and five 12AX7B low noise valves for the preamp and driver positions.


This is an ideal upgrade replacement set of valves for Marshall models: JVM205C, JVM205H, JVM215C and any other guitar amp using two EL34s and five 12AX7s.

 Using the combination of the uprated EL34-B and the new super low noise 12AX7B dual triodes from Shuguang, this kit is offered at an amazingly low price.... over 10% cheaper than the individual valve prices!

Shuguang EL34-B Valves will be supplied in this kit, with a higher maximum anode/plate power dissipation (up from 25W to 30W per valve) so this means you can push your amp harder without "red plating" your output valves.

The Shuguang 12AX7B supplied in these kits offers even lower noise than the 12AX7A, but with the same high gain figure for a bigger sound with less hiss!

Offered at a fantastic introductory price of just 58.39!