Valve kit for Yaqin MC10-L Hi-Fi amplifier

This valve kit consists of four matched x EL34-B uprated power valves and four 6N1P low noise valves for the preamp and driver positions of the audiophile hi-fi amplifier model MC10-L.


 The 6N1P used here is NOS (New Old Stock - current stock is datemarked March 81) bearing the Russian OTK military quality assurance mark.

Features include very low distortion—optimized for line stages, medium transconductance, internally shielded between sections, allowing its use at differing signal levels, higher anode voltage and dissipation rating than 6DJ8 types and larger cathode than 6DJ8 types, giving it longer life and more transient current capability.

The Shuguang uprated EL34-B version of the classic EL34 valve is used in this kit, with anode maximum dissipation raised from 25 Watts to 30 Watts for longer life and reliability.

Offered at a fantastic introductory price of just £59.50!