50W Guitar Amp Upgrade Kit A.

This valve kit consists of two x EL34-B uprated power valves and three 12AX7B low noise valves for the preamp and driver positions.


This kit is the perfect solution to upgrading and reviving classic 50W guitar amps from Marshall, Blackstar, Laney, Peavey, Koch Amps and any other head or combo based on these valves.

  This is an ideal upgrade replacement set of output valves for Marshall models: JCM800 (50W), JCM900 (50W EL34 versions), JCM900 SL-X (50W EL34 versions), JVM205C, JVM205H, JVM215C, Haze MHZ40T, Lead / Super Lead (50W EL34 versions) and other guitar amplifiers using two EL34s as output valves (including the Laney GH50L, Line 6 DT50, Koch Amps Twintone II, Kustom Defender V30, Orange Thunderverb 50H, Blackstar Series One 45, Vox Night Train 50 or for use as a replacement pair for one channel of any stereo 4 valve amp using EL34s.

Shuguang EL34-B Valves will be supplied in this kit, with a higher maximum anode/plate power dissipation (up from 25W to 30W per valve) so this means you can push your amp harder without "red plating" your output valves.

The Shuguang 12AX7B supplied in these kits offers even lower noise than the 12AX7A, but with the same high gain figure for a bigger sound with less hiss!

Offered at a fantastic price of just 48.99!