Capacitor Range Table

The table below shows our ranges of high voltage audio grade capacitors suitable for guitar and hifi valve amplifiers, and tone capacitors for electric guitars. Click on the photo to go to the product page for more details and to order.

Range Description Voltage Photo and link
Metalized Polyester Film High quality self healing audio capacitors suitable for guitar and Hi-fi valve amplifiers, similar to Mallory 150 series 630VDC non polarised
Silver Mica High stability capacitors for RF applications and for use in tone shaping circuits in amplifiers 400VDC non polarised
"Cherry drop" Polypropylene Very rugged high voltage capacitors for valve amp and other high voltage decoupling circuits 630VDC non polarised
Green Mylar Ideal upgrade replacements for cheap ceramic caps in modern guitar tone control circuits, these are the same technology as used in many classic 50's guitars 400VDC or 100VDC non polarised
MKP bipolar capacitors Hi grade audio capacitors for loudspeaker crossover networks and valve amp coupling stages 400VDC non polarised
Radial High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors Ideal low cost power supply decoupling capacitors for Hi-fi and home build valve amplifiers


Axial High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors  Perfect replacements for dried out smoothing capacitors in Marshall Plexi and Fender amps, or for clone guitar amps 400/450VDC
Solder tag can style High Voltage Electrolytic twin capacitors Large 35mm diameter dual HT main smoothing capacitors for Marshall and other guitar & Hi-fi valve amplifiers 500VDC
High Voltage Ceramic Disk Capacitors These disk capacitors are ideal for RF decoupling and stability control capacitors in valve amplifiers and other very high voltage circuits 1000VDC non polarised