Mylar Guitar Tone Capacitor packs

These are packs of five Mylar polyester film capacitors in various values. Mylar capacitors were widely used in classic guitars of the 1950's and 1960's including Gibsons, and are a far superior replacement capacitor to the little disc ceramics used in many more recent guitars.


These capacitors are suitable for use in tone control circuits in all standard electric guitars with single coil or humbucker pickups and standard pots for tone and volume control (not suitable for guitars with EQ panels).

They are supplied in several values, ranging from 0.01uF (10nF) to 0.047uF (47nf) for different degrees of treble control or top cut, as follows;

10nF capacitors will give a more gentle and subtle tone control than most standard set ups, ideal for guitarists who like to just take the edge off the sharpness. Rated 100VDC

22nF capacitors are the most common standard value used in guitar tone controls so these give good tone control and are compatible with most guitars. Note that these capacitors (22nF only) are rated at 400VDC and may also be used in valve amplifiers.

33nF capacitors give a slightly stronger top cut effect than the standard 22nF components, for those who prefer the ability to cut more treble from their tone. Rated 100VDC

Lastly, 47nF capacitors give a markedly more pronounced top cut than standard, and are ideal for over trebley pick ups or for those who like to be able to produce a very soft damped guitar tone. Rated 100VDC

These components are supplied from UK stock.... why wait a month for deliveries from the far east?

Dimensions vary but will all fit easily within a normal guitar control cavity.

Also available and useful in valve circuits because of its 400V rating (but too small to use as a guitar tone capacitor) in a 1000pF or 1nF value. 

Price: 1.99 per pack of 5 

1nF Pack


10nF Pack


22nF Pack


33nF Pack


47nF Pack