High Voltage Can style dual Electrolytic Capacitors with solder tags, for Guitar and Hi-Fi Valve Amplifiers and Radiograms 

This is a range of high voltage 500V Can style 35mm diameter Electrolytic Capacitors suitable for  HT power supply smoothing in hi-fi or guitar valve amplifiers, radios, radiograms or any high voltage circuit. Suitable for use in Marshall amps and clones and more powerful 50W or 100W amplifiers. See below for a suitable mounting clamp.

These components are supplied from UK stock.... why wait a month for deliveries from the far east?

Dual Audio Grade 500V Can Capacitors
Value Applications Voltage Click buttons to buy
16uF + 16uF Suitable for 5/10W amplifiers 500VDC Price: 6.99
32uF +32uF Suitable for 18/20/25W amplifiers 500VDC Price: 7.49
50uF +50uF Suitable for 50/100W amplifiers 500VDC Price: 8.49
100uF +100uF Suitable for 50/100W Hi-fi amplifiers when only the best is good enough 500VDC Price: 11.99


 Also available for this range of capacitors is our 35mm chassis mounting capacitor clamp

Price 1.30