High Voltage 1KV Ceramic Disk Capacitors, for Guitar and Hi-Fi Valve Amplifiers and Radiograms 

This is a small range of very high voltage Ceramic Disk Capacitors suitable for  use in tone circuits in valve amplifiers or as stability capacitors in guitar and hi-fi valve amplifiers, to reduce oscillation or instability. Supplied in packs of 5.

These components are supplied from UK stock.... why wait a month for deliveries from the far east?

1KV Ceramic Capacitors
Value Applications Voltage Click buttons to buy
47pF Used to stabilise Phase Inverter stages in Marshall amps, or general RF use. 1000VDC Price: 1.00
100pF Used for preamp stabilisation in Marshall amps, or general RF use 1000VDC Price: 1.00
470pF Suitable for valve amp tone circuits 1000VDC Price: 1.99