High Voltage Axial Electrolytic Capacitors, for Guitar and Hi-Fi Valve Amplifiers and Radiograms 

This is a range of high voltage Axial Electrolytic Capacitors suitable for  HT power supply smoothing in hi-fi or guitar valve amplifiers, radios, radiograms or any high voltage circuit. Suitable for use in Marshall Plexi and Fender amps and clones, and especially suited for turretboards, eyelet boards and point to point handwired amps.

These components are supplied from UK stock.... why wait a month for deliveries from the far east?

Audio Grade 450V Axial Capacitors
Value Applications Voltage Click buttons to buy
8uF Suitable for 5/10W amplifiers 450VDC Price: 2.49
10uF Used for negative bias smoothing in Marshall amps 160VDC Price: 1.49
16uF Suitable for 50/100W amplifiers 450VDC Price: 2.99
33uF Suitable for 50/100W amplifiers 450VDC Price: 3.19