New: 50uF + 50uF twin can capacitors now in stock! These high quality power supply filter capacitors are perfect for smoothing the power supply section of any high power valve amplifier.

Also new are our Polyester film 0.22uF 630V capacitors , ideal for coupling the output of one valve preamp stage to the next stage.

Crackling input jacks? Why not replace those worn out sockets with our newCliff 1/4 inch mono switched sockets

We now supply the Marshall style gold knobs in push on and grub screw types in handy packs of eight at a great price.

Coming soon: Guitar volume and tone replacement pot kits for both normal and humbucker pickups, with a selection of knobs and including tone control capacitors.

Capacitors & other parts

Other components and external parts for guitar and hi-fi amplifiers. Below are packs of 5 high voltage capacitors in 22uF, 47uF and twin 50uF + 50uF values, 0.22uF and 0.1uF audio capacitors and replacement knobs, jack sockets and feet for Marshall amplifiers as well as our new Fender style amplifier cabinet handle.