Replacement Parts for Electric and Acoustic Guitars

The table below shows replacement parts for Fender Stratocaster and strat clones, and for Gibson Les Paul guitars and their clones, along with other spare parts for most electric and acoustic guitars. We stock those electrical parts that wear out and cause crackling and buzzing on older guitars, and knobs to replace lost or damaged ones. Click on the photo to go to the product page for more details and to order.

Guitar Parts 
Item Description Photo and link
Knobs Volume and Tone knob sets for Strat, Tele, Jazz Bass, Les Paul & other guitars
Pots Volume and Tone Potentiometers and pot sets for electric guitars
Switches Pickup selector switches for Strat and Les Paul guitars
Tone Capacitors Ideal upgrade replacements for cheap ceramic caps in modern guitar tone control circuits, these are the same technology as used in many classic 50's guitars
Jack Sockets Jack Sockets and loaded Jack Plates for Electric Guitars and Acoustic/Electrics in Chrome or Gold Plated finish
Strap Studs Chrome and Gold plated strap mounting studs/pins for Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Bridge Pins New sets of string mounting Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitars in a variety of colours
String sets Great value String Sets for Electric and Acoustic Guitars 
Les Paul Pick Guards Scratchplate / Pickguards for LP guitars in various colours including pearl effect
Other Parts Scratchplate / Jackplate mounting screws, LP Humbucker Mounting Rings  and Nuts