Spring Valve Retainer for Guitar and Valve Amplifiers EL34/6L6/5881

This is a sprung valve retainer designed to hold large output valves such as the EL34 or 6L6 firmly in place where the amplifier is often transported from place to place, or where the valves are mounted hanging in a chassis upside down, such as in many combo guitar amplifiers.

These spring retainers are designed to be bolted to your existing octal output valve socket mounting points with the same nuts and bolts that hold the existing socket. Note that the springs are quite tight, especially when fitting to the longer EL34, and care is needed when fitting them over the valves. It is quite permissable to bend one of the side tabs out to enable the cap to slide over the top of the valve and pinch it back into place once fitted.


Price: 2.99