7025 Classic Double Triode Valve

This valve is designed and built to faithfully reproduce the construction and internal structure of some of the most well loved and sought after British ECC83 double triode preamplifier valves of the 1950's and is ideally suited as an affordable yet authentic looking replacement preamplifier or phase inverter valve in vintage amplifier circuits such as the Mullard 520, a great choice for new build valve Hi-Fi projects, or to replace standard 12AX7 valves in Marshall and other guitar amplifiers.

These valves have the classic box section anode/plate for each triode inside the glass envelope, along with the halo type getter as seen in the original British Mullard ECC83.... and the 7025 part number designation used here has always represented a low noise, high quality version of the ECC83.

Note that, unlike most other listings for so called 7025 valves on ebay (which are just 12AX7 valves with the 7025 part number added to the listing to catch the search result!), these valves are genuinely manufactured as 7025 valves and are not only marked as such by Shuguang (Marshalls chosen manufacturer for their world famous range of valve guitar amps, and the real source of the "Ruby Tubes" brand) but are actually utterly and totally different in internal construction to a Shuguang 12AX7B..... this is NOT a re-labeled 12AX7B but a completely separate "old school" design.

Available in limited quantities from UK stock and sent by First Class post for fast delivery.

Price: 10.99