EL84 & 12AX7/ECC83 Valve kit for Marshall DSL201 20W guitar amplifier

This valve kit consists of two x EL84 power valves and four 12AX7B low noise valves for the preamp and driver positions.



Shuguang EL84 Valves will be supplied in this kit as a factory matched pair.












Please note that this amplifier originally had small valve apartures to suit the 20.5mm diameter EL84 valves supplied. In common with many other current production EL84 valves, thos supplied in this kit are 22mm in diameter and will NOT fit unmodified amplifiers. Enlarging the valve apartures to approx 23mm in diameter will allow modern EL 84s to be fitted.

The Shuguang 12AX7B supplied in these kits offers even lower noise than the 12AX7A, but with the same high gain figure for a bigger sound with less hiss!

Offered at a price of just 49.99, saving  off the price of the individual valves!