JTM45 Classic Style Guitar Valve Amplifier Kit

Ever wanted your own classic British built JTM45 Plexi amplifier?

Why not hand build your own?

This kit contains all you need to build a complete and working JTM45 style valve amplifier chassis and at this price is supplied complete with a full set of valves and all transformers & chokes.

Supplied with comprehensive assembly instructions to guide you through soldering together and assembling the kit and then testing and setting up the amplifier, so you can end up with your very own hand wired classic!

Just add your own choice of head or combo cabinet and speaker and you are ready to rock!



Shuguang KT66 Valves will be supplied in this kit as a factory matched pair, along with 3 x 12AX7 high gain preamplifier and phase inverter double triode valves, as well as a GZ34 rectifier valve.

The Shuguang valves supplied in these kits are made by the same manufacturer as used by Marshall in their current production valve amps, for that authentic sound!

Please note that this amplifier is supplied as a kit of component parts requiring assembly and the assembled amplifier here is shown for illustrative purposes only. Some high voltage testing will be required after assembly and this should always be carried out with due care by a fully qualified or knowledgeable person.

Offered at a great price of just 499.99!